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Wayward Woolpack (Second Edition) by sioranth Wayward Woolpack (Second Edition) by sioranth

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After a major rewrite, I'm putting this story out there once again to see how it goes.

Belsnickel is The Seeker and has just one job to do all year long – check off the Wish-Granter's Naughty and Nice List. He never expects his reindeer to get them lost. Stuck wandering unfamiliar woods, he begins to panic about finishing the job on time. Elder Alba is the wisest of the faery folk. She tries to lead them with a kind hand, but some of the children have gotten unruly in recent years and she's at a loss as to how to turn them around. Everyone is engrossed in the midwinter's Keeper of the Cauldron Festival when The Seeker's unexpected arrival changes the lives of some naughty little children.
KarynRH Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I enjoyed this, although I miss the description of the gathering from the first version. That had more of a magical feel which I enjoyed. Nothing wrong with this version's description, though.

As I was reading through, I noticed that a few words were missing. I hope you won't mind me letting you know. :)

First paragraph on the third page - "Eikthyrnir continued to make various argumentative snorting and grunting noises as they tromped their way the forest." Missing a word in there.

Third paragraph on the third page - "Shortly after landing they had passed through a frosted arch of trees that had looked very much like gate." Also missing a word.

Ninth paragraph on the seventh page - "Cital glanced at her father who nodded with a loving smile, and then she began to sing a rollicking tune about sledding and building snowman and drinking hot cocoa by a warm fire." I assume 'snowman' was intended to be 'snowmen?'

I hope I have enough time soon to finish reading your Runeclaw stories!

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January 21, 2014
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